013 | Capricorn Boss Aunt Carla

December 18, 2020
013 | Capricorn Boss Aunt Carla
Show Notes

In this episode, Self Help Witch Aunt Carla @marielizzeau & I talk about Capricorn energy to align with the powerful energy of Capricorn Szn as a biz owner.


  • Capricorn energy as it relates to the rite of passage of Saturn's Return
  • Committing to your underlying essence despite changing ventures
  • Staying the course of your purpose as a surrender to your inner authority
  • Shadow work around your past to clear limits in your present
  • Spoken & written ritual repetition of what you want to manifest
  • Aligning your regular business tasks with the phases of the Moon
  • The passage as time as a powerful certainty that you WILL get where you want to go


Intention Intensive Challenge

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Music: Euphoric Transmission 019 Mix by Naughty Princess
Featuring tracks:

  • Secrets - Unlikely Futures
  • Your friends - Lemon (Dimond Saints remix)
  • Shhh - JRaB